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The cryptocurrency HTML5 landing page is a powerful tool for establishing a website your company or startup needs. Nowadays, it is necessary for every company in the sphere of cryptocurrency to have a well-designed landing page website. It simplifies the marketing and promotion of your services a lot. 然而,并不是每个企业都能负担得起. 对于小公司和初创公司来说尤其如此. 这就是HTML5网站模板现在非常流行的原因.

There are several reasons why HTML templates are being used by many companies these days. 首先,它们价格实惠,易于维护. Thanks to the Bootstrap 5 framework, such solutions are also responsive and flexible. You can run a responsive HTML5 Bitcoin trading website on any modern device. And if you need to build a well-designed website for cryptocurrency exchange, 我们新的eCoing加密货币 & 比特币登陆页面将是一个完美的适合你.


The eCoing cryptocurrency HTML5 landing page offers a modern design and spacious layout for Bitcoin exchange. Being informative, this template allows you to post any kind of content. 它也有一个明亮的配色方案,这是相当明显的. Our HTML5 solution is also supplied with a wide variety of features. They are designed to make your website more stable and reliable. Here are some of the features and benefits included with this template:

  1. W3C valid coding;
  2. SEO-ready & 响应布局;
  3. Google Fonts;
  4. SCSS & Pug source files;
  5. 跨浏览器支持.

Besides these features, our landing page includes other notable benefits. For example, the cryptocurrency HTML5 landing page contains built-in working forms. They can increase the level of interaction with your soon-to-be customers. Also, 与良好集成的动画和过渡, 你可以吸引客户的注意. Most importantly, the informative footer and header will provide easier navigation for your website visitors.

Content-Rich & 可定制的HTML5模板

Alongside various benefits, our Bitcoin HTML template is suitable for a variety of content types. From images and videos to text, you can create and post any kind of content you wish. For example, you can describe the cryptocurrency exchange services you provide. Moreover, 有各种可用内容, you can just add certain detail about your Bitcoin mining startup. After that, all you have to do is to upload a template to the hosting of your choice.

像任何现代模板一样,我们的解决方案可以定制. 从编辑各个部分和块到重新排序, there are lots of ways to create a custom website with our cryptocurrency HTML5 landing page. Besides, you can use this solution as a basis for the future development of your website. 如果你是一个专业的开发人员, you can freely modify all parts of this landing page as it is easy to edit.


The cryptocurrency HTML5 landing page that we offer also comes with a wide set of sections. 它们的用途和布局各不相同. When combined, these sections create a unique user experience for currency exchange visitors. Also, 在每个部分中, several pre-designed elements can be modified or replaced in accordance with your preferences. Moreover, every major section is connected to the header for easier navigation. 这些部分包括以下内容:

  • About us;
  • Our statistics;
  • Features;
  • Services;
  • Partners.

If you want to know more about this HTML landing page, feel free to read its documentation. 它描述了如何正确使用HTML5模板. The documentation also answers common questions about installing HTML5 landing pages and website templates. However, if you are looking for additional support, our team is always ready to help you. 此外,我们建议查看我们的模板目录. It has everything you may need for your future online projects.

Please note that .PSD文件不包含在此模板包中.


eCoing Version 2.(2023年8月10日):

  • UPD:引导到5.2.0;
  • UPD: Popper.js to 2.11.5;
  • UPD: Jquery to 3.6.0;
  • Jquery迁移到3.3.2;
  • Jquery表单到4.3.0;
  • FIX: CSS styles;
  • 修复:小错误修复.



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